A New year

My web designer, Ben Garman, has successfully moved us to a new site. I’ve updated some of the text and begun on a new catalogue. Prices haven’t changed much, but other potters tell me this is generally true. It seems buyers are holding back a bit - uncertainty as a result of our imminent departure from the European Union?

One thing that didn’t move automatically with the site was the correspondence. Most of this wasn’t about pottery but about that shabby scam “Kids for Life” and its close relative the “National Crime Prevention Agency”. I saw on the news that another one, also hailing from the north west, had popped up, claiming perhaps to help refugees. The sheer length of my correspondence list (over two hundred) meant we rode high on the search engines and a good many people were saved from falling victims to Andrew Ager and his crew at Ducie Street. I think it may prove impossible to recover that correspondence, so if any previous correspondents find their way to this new site, let’s get it going again. Despite exposure by “You and Yours”, those guys are still at it.

I’ve just completed a big sort out of stock and a general bout of preparation for some serious work. I look forward to adding some stuff to the catalogue next month. (By the way, apologies that all my historic posts now bear the date 09.12.18. I’ll have to ask Ben if we can do something about that!).