Back in Action

I’ve not been away, but I’ve not been visiting, let alone updating, the site.  It has been a busy year throwing, firing, exhibiting, while handling ongoing situations which have nothing to do with the pottery.  However, a couple of people recently told me the site could not be accessed and I thought I’d better do something.  My web designer got it up and running again, but says I need to start again from a whole new platform, as I am dangerously out of date.  I’ll try to do this over the winter and in the meantime I’ll try to photograph some new work and post it.

I did Wardlow Mires again, which was very enjoyable.  I was too late in my application for just about every other big fair – either that, or else the fee to take part would have meant me selling just about every pot I’ve got!  Getting the balance between making and selling affordable “everyday pots” and doing stuff to sell in galleries at “art” prices is a tricky one, but I need to do both.

By the way, since the site was resurrected, almost every contact I’ve had through it has been in Chinese or Russian.  Do other websites get this?  Are these genuine enquiries for pots, or are they from women offering themselves to me as wives, or short-term companions?