KFL and NCPA: Are they perhaps related? We should be told!

(Apologies to anyone looking for news of my pottery; I’ll write that later). The Kids for Life scam goes on relentlessly, and now a couple of correspondents have drawn attention to the possible link between this and an almost identical scam run by the bogus National Crime Prevention Agency. Craig (see comments) came across a reference to KFL in the NCPA “magazine”, while another has found a Southport connection between both organisations. All this sleuthing should meet with the approval of NCPA (“Putting Crime out of Business”) in whose logo the letter C is a magnifying glass with a big fingerprint in the middle. Is this theft from Cluedo? Has anyone told John Waddington? Has anyone informed the National Crime Prevention Agency? It’s worth having a look at the scam forums relating to NCPA. While at it visit www.bookkeepers.org.uk/Forum/?type=&cid=0&tid=88210&lp…1… Your visit to the sites should ensure they stay on page 1 of the search engine. One correspondent who had wisely stopped answering the numerous calls for payment to KFL/Inpress Media from different numbers decided to trace them. The most recent was from a law firm with a “school of Inpress Media” type logo incorporating the Scales of Justice. I’ll not name the firm (two initials), but if they do contact you search the name of their lead (only?) solicitor and you’ll find him associated with a very dodgy customer indeed back in 2014/15. So don’t give way. Incidentally, in an early reply on my site I referred to a “bona-fide” Australian Kids for Life. That site, which had a very similar “heart” logo to our friends in the North West, and where photographs seemed to suggest celebrity backing, has disappeared. Maybe it wasn’t the real deal either. Is it the same as the “closed down” site in China referred to by Shaun in the comments below? Here are recommendations from the 50+ comments below for who to complain to: Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 The Charities Commission (involves a form) Trading Standards The Police (especially if debt collectors are involved)