Radnorshire is part of Powys, along with Brecknockshire to the south and Montgomeryshire to the north, but it has a distinct identity of its own. It is a county of rolling hills and livestock farming, bordering the English counties of Shropshire and Herefordshire.

Far Hall is a small manor house of mediaeval origin. Extended by John Scorey, Bishop of Hereford, in the 1560’s, it retains many original features. For four centuries it was a farmhouse and for twenty years served as a store. Jason and Julienne Braham bought Far Hall in 2003, and continued the restoration work begun by the previous owner. In addition to the pottery there are painting studios and a gallery.

The pottery is housed in a timber outbuilding, with the kilns in a barn alongside. Both kilns (which back on to the same fifteen-foot flue) have packing spaces of about twenty-four cubic feet, and are fired on a combination of oil and wood.

For an appointment to visit the studios telephone:   01597 851 181 or 07908 991 702